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Support Denver Animal Shelter with Your Pet Portrait Session

If you’re a dog owner, you know that most dogs love the snow. They’re like little kids on a first winter’s snow, eager to play.

Because snow can be fun for dogs to play in, it’s one of the best opportunities to take pet portraits! I want to capture your pet’s personality in photos. Being playful is one of the things you love about them, right?

In the spirit of giving back, I have two ways you can join me in supporting our local Denver Animal Shelter!

photo of a dog sitting in nature near denver colorado mountains
Wouldn't you love to have a scenic portrait of your pet like this?

portrait of a goldendoodle and white lab in snow

2022 Pet Calendar - Proceeds Benefit Denver Animal Shelter

I’ve worked closely with the Denver Animal Shelter for years now and will continue to do so in 2022.

I enjoy donating my time and fundraising through my pet photography services. It feels great to help make a difference in the lives of so many pets, and you can too!

First up, we have a 2022 Pet Calendar for sale.

All proceeds go to the Denver Animal Shelter.

photo of a dog in front of a big tree as part of a denver animal shelter fundraising campaign
Meet Elliott! He had the most votes for the 2022 Calendar, and is on the cover!

How the 2022 Pet Calendar Came to Life

In August of 2021, I launched a pet photo contest to create a 2022 Pet Calendar, and the feedback was amazing!

  • We had 83 pets enter the contest and over 10,500 votes!

  • The thirteen pets with the most votes won a photography session with me.

  • Those 13 pets are featured in the Beautiful Paws Pet Calendar!

With the support of the local Denver community,

we raised close to $10,000 from the contest entries and votes!

The total profit was over $8600 and given to Denver Animal Shelter.

​By purchasing the 2022 calendar, you can further support the Denver Animal Shelter!

Donations and Fundraising help to provide:

  • Animal Care

  • Animal Enrichment

  • Spay and Neuter Services

  • Emergency Medical Care

  • Community Outreach

  • Humane Education

  • Foster Care

I would love for you to take a look at the calendar here,

and consider purchasing a copy for yourself or even a friend.

Thank you again to all participants that joined the pet calendar contest.

You helped save lives!

photo of a cat with one eye missing
Even if you pet is a cat, we can do an indoor pet photography session!

Celebrate Winter in Denver With A Pet Photoshoot

If you have a different charity you would prefer to help, I’m happy to send a portion to any animal charity of your choice.

If you’ve ever tried to capture a great photo of your pet, you know how challenging it can be. So, why not let me capture photos of you with your pet!

pet portrait of black poodle with red sweater on sitting on red plaid blanket in snow

photo of goldendoodle playing in snow with tennis ball

Winter Beauty in Denver, Colorado

Winter lends a specific kind of beauty in Denver that we don’t have year-round.

Combining the beauty of winter with the backdrop of beautiful Colorado, we can create some beautiful portraits of you with your pet.

If it happens to be a snow day, even better! Most dogs enjoy the snow, and I work fast to ensure that everyone stays safe.

series of photos of a black dog playing in snow for pet photoshoot

Safety First is My Number One Priority

I want to capture beautiful portraits of your pet, but safety is always first.

I have a lot of training in dog behaviors, and the best way to keep your pet safe is to keep them on a leash.

I always photograph dogs with their leashes on. I remove the leash in Photoshop during the editing process.

photo of a photographer taking photos of a goldendoodle in snow
With the owner nearby holding a leash, we ensure everyone stays safe!

side by side photo of a goldendoodle. one photo has a leash visible the other photo shows the leash has been removed in editing
With a little bit of editing, I remove the leash for your final photos!

My second priority is to make sure you and your pet have a great experience during your photoshoot! I will capture the bond you share together and your pet’s unique personality.

I understand that pets are family, not just pets.

Dog-Friendly Parks near Denver

There are endless opportunities to have a beautiful pet portrait session around Denver.

Some of my local favorite dog-friendly parks are listed below.

Red Rock Trail is perfect for morning sessions. The light there in the mornings is gorgeous!

Dinosaur Ridge Trail in front of Red Rock Trail is perfect for sunset sessions!

I also like going to Mount Falcon for pet sessions because it has so much variety to choose from for scenery. It's filled with many different trees, ruins, mountains, and rocks.

Before your pet photography sessions, we always have a consultation. We talk about your pet’s abilities and where they would be comfortable going. If they can’t hike into the ruins and mountain areas, we plan accordingly!

Pets don’t last forever, but your memories with them can.

photo of a man with his dog standing on rocks in a denver co stream
Man's best friend.

If you’re ready to schedule your winter pet photoshoot (while also supporting Denver Local Animal Shelters) please reach out here.

Stay tuned for my next blog post!

It's going to be filled with tips on having a safe winter hike with your dog!

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