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Beautiful Paws Pet Calendar 2022 Denver Pet Photography

Meet Elliott the cover of Beautiful Paws 2022, a calendar to help homeless animals in Denver.

In August, a pet photo contest was launched. 83 pets entered the contest, 7 calendars dates were blocked, 309 participants and 10,504 votes. Thirteen pets with the most votes won a photography session and are now featured in the Beautiful Paws pet calendar 2022. $9,959 was raised from the contest entries and votes, the total profit 8,658.78 was given to the Denver Animal Shelter.

The Denver Animal Shelter is an open-admission shelter that touches the lives of over 12,000 animals each year. An open admission shelter means that they will not turn away any animal that comes into their doors for any reason. They foster the human-animal bond by protecting the safety and welfare of Denver's animals and people. Denver Animal Protection is committed to:

-Providing humane care to companion animals

-Reuniting lost pets with their ownersAdopting pets to loving homes

-Enforcing Denver County animal ordinances

-Educating the public about animals, their needs and our critical role as a community resource.

Denver Animal Shelter relies on the generosity of community members to help provide the best possible care for the animals that take refuge at their facility.

All donations are used to directly help the animals they serve - both at the shelter and in the community.

Donations help provide:

-Animal Care & Enrichment

-Spay/Neuter Services

-Emergency Medical Care

-Community Outreach

-Humane Education

-Foster Care

Thank you again to all participants, you helped save lives!

The Beautiful Paws, pet calendar is ready to buy now!

The pet calendar 2022 is a perfect gift for pet lovers for the Holidays. Your family and friends will be happy to know that your purchase for them will save animal lives.

All the profit from the calendar sales will benefit The Denver Animal Shelter and save lives.

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