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What to do if your dog eat... Gaelle Pet Photography Denver

Spring is time for gardening and news plants blooming in the yard. It is a really exciting time of the year, but not everything is safe inn your yard for your pets.

What to do if your pet eat tulips:

While tulips stems and blooms are usually not armful, the bulbs are generally poisonous to dogs, especially in large quantities.

If your dog decides to dig up the yard for a snack, try to figure out how many bulbs were consumed and monitor for stomach issues, difficulties breathing or rapid heart rate.

Be also very careful with lilies, which can cause severe digestive problems in dogs and kidney failure inn cats.

What to do if your pet eat potting soil:

Potting soil often contains fertilizers, planet food or other added substances that encourage plant growth but could prove harmful if your dog ingest too much.

Determine the type and amount of soil consumed, and monitor for an upset stomach or continued dirt-eating behavior, which could be a symptom of a more serious bowel problem.

In any case it's always advised to call your vet if your do vomit more than once, has repeated diarrhea or shows a lack of interest in food for 24 hours.

(Advice from animal expert Dr. Tricia Earley)

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