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Celebrating women over 50.

Gaelle Glass Photography

Unique and luxurious portrait session.

Gaelle Glass photography 50 over 50

I am going to photograph
Remarkable women over 50.

Culminating with an exhibition in Denver, Colorado to share the portraits and stories of Remarkable women over 50.
I'd love you to be one of them.

Beauty is so tied to youth in our society.  Most of the models in magazine are so young; and when you see pictures of a women barely over the age of 25, it is overly retouched.  Women over 50 feel overlooked by the beauty industry.  We all want to look beautiful.  What does it mean?  Beauty is always changing....  That's why I am going to photograph women over 50 and let them tell me about their beauty, and their experiences.  What makes a woman beautiful?

When was the last time you had a professional portrait session for yourself?

Celebrate YOU!

Let's celebrate being 50 and over.

I am Gaelle Glass a Denver based certified professional photographer

Why 50 and Remarkable?
I recently turned 50 and I want to celebrate with you!
I want to highlight, empower, show beauty in women 50 and over.  I want to make you look and feel beautiful and confident..
Most of us have put our family and work first for all these years, I want to highlight YOU for a day.  Let's celebrate you!
I also want to hear your story.  As a wiser woman what can you tell to younger generations?

Let's change the stories we tell about ourselves and aging.

Gaelle Glass Photography Denver Colorado


I so enjoyed my experience during Gaelle's photography session.  It was such a luxury to have my hair and makeup done!  I really felt pampered and the end results were amazing!  Such a confidence booster!


The photo session was so fun!  Gaelle made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I felt like she had my "beauty" in her hands.  She gave me a sneak peek at a couple of shots and they came out beautifully!  I can't wait to see all the pictures! 


I highly recommend joining the fun and being a part of this project!  Let's show the world our shine!


Thank you,



Gaelle Glass Photography 50 over 50

How much does it cost?

What does it include?

    How do you want to be photographed?
    Tell me your story to share in our magazine and exhibition.

  • HAIR AND MAKEUP a professional hair and makeup artist will take care of you before your session.

  • PORTRAIT SESSION: a fully guided session in studio or on location in the Denver area.  I will guide you through different poses, it is my job to make you beautiful!

  • A REVEAL AND ORDERING SESSION: time when you'll select/order your images.

  • PORTRAIT OF YOUR CHOICE: you will get one image of your choice ($190 value) in print and digital format.  If you would like to get more than one image, I will give you a $190 print credit to a larger package.

  • YOUR STORY FEATURED: Your story and image will be featured in a magazine, social media, blog and at the exhibition.  I want the world to see how Remarkable you are!

  • ONE TICKET TO THE PORTRAIT EXHIBITION: when the project is complete, we will host an exhibition featuring the portrait and stories of each of the Remarkable women I have photographed.

Hair and Makeup are included!
You will be pampered!
You will feel incredibly beautiful, strong and confident for your portrait session.

Gaelle Glass photography portrait session hair and make up included
Gaelle Glass Photography Portraits

Who can participate?

All women over 50 are invited.  Women of different shapes, sizes, background, ethnicity, different views of life...are all invited.

This is a luxury, pampering and custom experience to celebrate your REMARKABLE YOU!
How do you want to be photographed?  what is your dream session?
I want to treat the every-day women as a celebrity for a day!  

Contact Gaelle
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