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  • How much does it cost to participate in the 50 over 50 portrait experience?
    The participation fee is $390. The fees not only holds your date and allows me to book in the hair and makeup artist for your session. It also covers the consultation, photo session, one image of your choice and a ticket to the 50 over 50 portrait exhibition and celebration.
  • What does the $390 booking fee include?
    The $390 session fee includes: *ZOOM CONSULTATION- We'll discuss your vision for how you want to be photographed and I will coach you on what to wear and what to bring.​ *HAIR AND MAKEUP- A professional hair and makeup artist will be on site for you, the day of the session. You'll be pampered and be able to relax. You'll feel beautiful and confident for your portrait session. *PHOTO SESSION- A 2 hours photo session with Gaelle Glass. I will guide you through poses, to make you look gorgeous! *IMAGE VIEWING AND ORDERING SESSION- Zoom session to view your images. It is also the time to choose your one complimentary image, and you can also order more images, in this case a $190 credit will be applied towards your purchase. *PORTRAIT CELEBRATION, EXHIBITION- upon completion of having photographed 50 women over 50, there will be a celebration to showcase all 50 portraits and stories of incredible women. You will have one ticket for the exhibition. *FEATURE IN THE BLOG AND SOCIAL MEDIA- your image and story will be featured in the blog and social medias.
  • What if I want more than one image?
    Absolutely! When you will see your stunning images I have created for you, you might want to buy more!!! Extra images are $190. Or you can use your $190 as a credit towards the purchase of a package of 5, 10 or 20 images. The 5 images package starts at $850 (+taxes). Credit cards are accepted. You don't have to buy more images, this is about what you love, and you won't know it until you see the images. It's all about your choice.
  • Where does the session take place?
    We'll discuss the location during our Zoom-planning session. It can be on location/outside or in a studio. In both cases the session will take place in the greater Denver area. If you wish another area further than Denver we can discuss travel fees.
  • What days do you have to be available for the photo session?
    I do portrait session Tuesday-Thursday from 9am to 2pm. Availability is first come first served, based on availability (photographer and hair and makeup artist).
  • Tell me about the exhibition and celebration?
    One of the most exciting part of this project is to celebrate all 50 of our amazing women that participated and share imaes and stories. Because I am still booking portrait sessions of women over 50, all details are not available. The celebration will be held in Denver, Colorado.
  • Why are you passionate about the 50 over 50 portrait sessions experience?
    I will turn 50 in April 2022 and I want to celebrate photographing women over 50. Beauty is so tied to youth in our society. Most of the models in magazine are so young; and when you see pictures of a women barely over the age of 25, it is overly retouched. Women over 50 feel overlooked by the beauty industry. We all want to look beautiful. What does it mean? Beauty is always changing.... That's why I am going to photograph women over 50 and let them tell me about their beauty, and their experiences. What makes a woman beautiful. I want to highlight, empower, show beauty in women 50 and over. I want to make you look and feel beautiful and confident.. Most of us have put our family and work first for all these years, I want to highlight YOU for a day. Let's celebrate you! I also want to hear your story. As a wiser woman what can you tell to younger generations? Let's change the stories we tell about ourselves and aging.
  • I am not photogenic, is it ok?"
    I don't believe in "photogenic". It is my job as a photographer to make you look and feel amazing! I am a certifed professional photographer and I learned all the lighting and posing techniques to make women of all ages, shapes and sizes look amazing in photographs.
  • What will I wear?
    We will have a Zoom consultation to talk about your dream session, to know how you want to be photographed. We'll talked about styling also and I will help you with your wardrobe.
  • What if I would like to include my children, partner, friend,pets?"
    Sure! You can certainly include loved ones in your session. Extra hair and makeup is $190 per person (if needed). Part of your story is the people and pets you love! So if you want to include them, the more the merrier. You also have the permission to make this photo session ALL ABOUT YOU! Let's talk about it during our Zoom planning session.
  • Can I refer a friend over 50 to also be part of that experience?
    Yes! I would love to photograph your friends! Please spread the word!
  • What is your cancellation/reschedule policy?
    I totally understand! Life happens! I do book my hair and makeup artist to be at your session. Therefore you are allowed ONE reschedule at no charge. For the seconnd time I will charge a $125 rescheduling fee. Due to Covid, I will accomodate any COVID19 related reschedule. The $390 sessionn fee is NON REFUNDABLE, SO PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE COMMITTED WHEN BOOKING.
  • How are you choosing who participates?
    I am not "choosing anyone". No women is excluded, I would love to photograph as many different women of all backgrounds, varieties, different point of views as possible. I want to learn from all of you, and I want you all to share your stories. The only condition is to be a women 50 or over 50! It is a first come, first served photo session. If you are willing to: connect with Gaelle for a 15min Zoom call pay your $390 session fee book your date are over 50 (or turning 50 this year 2021 and 2022 like me!) And there are 50 spots are available (a little less now)
  • I tried to book a call on your calendar but it didn't work! Help?
    Please email me at and give me 5 dates and times that work for you to chat in the next week or so and I will confirm one.
  • I am really interested and want to book now! next step?
    You can book here or you can email at
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