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7 reasons you need a new headshot!

1.     Professional Purposes: Updating a headshot is common for professional reasons, especially if someone has changed their appearance (new hairdo, new color!),

job, or wants to refresh their professional image for resumes, LinkedIn profiles, business websites, or other professional platforms.

2.     Personal Branding: Individuals who engage in personal branding, such as entrepreneurs, influencers, or public figures, may update their headshots to align with their evolving brand or to maintain a consistent and current image.

3.     Career Changes: If someone has switched careers or taken on a new role that requires a different image, they might opt for a new headshot to reflect their current position and expertise.

4.     Events and Milestones: Special events, achievements, or life milestones can be a reason to get a new headshot. For example, someone may want an updated photo for a significant birthday, anniversary, or accomplishment.

5.     Photography Quality: Over time, photography styles and quality standards may change. Some individuals choose to update their headshots to ensure they have high-quality images that meet current aesthetic preferences.

6.     Personal Preferences: People's preferences regarding their appearance, style, or how they want to present themselves may change. A new headshot allows them to showcase their current preferences and self-image.

7.     Online Presence: With the increasing importance of online presence, individuals may update their headshots to stay current on social media platforms, dating apps, or other online profiles.

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