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Mom & Daughter Portrait Session | Celebrating Women 50 over 50

Celebrating Women Who Are Over 50

When I received an inquiry to photograph not one, but TWO, women who were over 50 years old, I jumped at the opportunity! A Mother and Daughter duo joined me for a milestone portrait session, and we all had a blast!

mother and daughter portrait embracing for women over 50 campaign in Denver Colorado studio

50 Over 50 (times two!)

When I say I jumped at the chance to photograph this duo, I really did. I’ve seen many women over the age of 50 who are celebrating themselves through portraiture. But I haven’t seen this done with a mother and daughter duo.

Each woman had their own customized portrait session alone first. Then I photographed both of them together toward the end of their session. Seeing these women have so much fun together made me feel nostalgic and emotional. I hope to photograph more sessions like this in the future!

Mother and Daughter Duo

The daughter in the duo, Jessica, reached out when she saw that I was running a 50 over 50 campaign. She expressed that she hadn’t had professional photos taken in over 20 years, because her last professional photoshoot was a bad experience.

But one of her friends had a 50 over 50 portrait session with me earlier in the year, and Jessica was intrigued. Jessica loved her friends’ photos so much that she wanted to give it a try!

She expressed why the campaign was important to her, and she asked if she could also book a session for her mom, Vinita. I was thrilled to have a mother and daughter duo, who were not only celebrating their age, but also celebrating their relationship in portraits.

I am certain the portraits of them together will become treasured heirloom portraits.

women in white shirt smiling gently at camera for women over 50 campaign

woman in plum colored hat and colorful scarf smiling at camera for women over 50 campaign portraits outside of Denver, CO

black and white image of older woman giving peaceful expression at the camera

Day of Celebration!

Jessica and Vinita decided they wanted to make a special day out of their session. The ladies brought along champagne to enjoy during their hair and makeup. These two really knew how to have a good time. I could tell from first seeing them interact together that they were more like best friends than mother and daughter.

After hair and makeup were finished, we started Jessica’s session by herself. Shortly after, Vinita was finished with her hair and makeup, and we worked on her personal session.

After both ladies had their individual sessions, I photographed them both together, and it felt like pure magic. They were carefree and easy to work with. I realized just how special this shoot was because some mother and daughter relationships don’t look like theirs. And often in life, we don’t get to have our mothers alongside us when we’re in our 50’s.

It was an honor to photograph these two women, and I hope they make these portraits a tradition every year, for as long as they can.

These ladies even gifted me champagne when they left. They were such a joy to work with!

older woman in colorful scarf smiling at camera for a portrait in Denver Colorado

heirloom portrait of mother and daughter in dark velvet dress and plum hat a denver colorado studio

older woman smiling at camera wearing a plum colored hat while her daughter kisses her cheek for portrait

Gift of Memory

To gift someone a portrait session is actually a way to gift memories. Portraits are the only way we can make time stand still, if only for a brief moment.

Portrait sessions shouldn’t be reserved for only big milestone moments. They can be taken at any time, and still have the same sentimental value.

For those who are difficult to shop for, you can’t go wrong with gifting them a portrait session.

To purchase a gift certificate on my site, you have many options to choose from. You can choose the e-card cover photo, the dollar amount you want, and who you’re sending it to. If you want to send it instantly through email, you can. If you would rather save it for a future date, you can add it for the special date you have in mind. The choices are endless.

If you have any questions about ordering a gift certificate for that special person in your life, you can email me at, and I can walk you through each step to ensure you get the gift card to fit your needs.

I have gift cards listed here.

Where to next?

Are you interested in booking a personal or branding session? You can schedule your free call with me using this link.

Want to read about my 50 Women Over 50 Project?

You can read about it here, and email me if you have any questions or want to sign up!

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