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How to teach a dog new tricks? Gaelle Pet Photography

How to teach your dog to dance?😀

I found an article with some tips from a veterinarian Dr Tricia Earley, she offers techniques to teach your dog to do some tricks.

My dog, Mocha, is too old to learn to dance, but I wanted to share it with you!

That trick is best for dogs less than 4o pounds, another reason for not trying with Mocha!

Start with your dog sitting. Hold a treat above him, and gradually move the treat slightly behind his head. As he naturally holds his head up and raises on his hind legs to reach the treat, immediately say "dance" and offer praise and the treat.

Gradually move the treat above his head in a circular pattern. As he begins to hop in the direction of the treat, repeat the command "dance" and praise.

Soon he should be able to follow a circular pattern and associate the word "dance" with hopping in a circle! And voila!

Erni is not my dog but he is a king at dancing, and he loves to dance when he sees my camera!

Let me know how it goes with your dancer, send me some images and videos.

Send me a message for a pet photoshoot if you want to immortalize your pets tricks!

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