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Attract Your Dream Clients Through Your Own Personal Branding | Gaelle Glass Photography

About Gaelle Glass Photography

If you’ve followed my work for any amount of time, you know that I have two photography businesses. One for pet photography and one for portrait photography.

It seems like everyone in the world made big life changes or pivots when the pandemic first hit, and I was no exception. I found that I wanted to learn and expand my photography to serve local women-owned businesses. I signed up for Sue Bryce Education, and the rest, as they say, is history.

While working in the Sue Bryce Education Model I felt inspired to work with women, both in the way they present their business to the world and how they’re celebrating their milestone birthday years.

In my portrait business, I currently have two offerings. I have branding photography for women business owners, and I’m also running a 50 over 50 Campaign. In this blog, I’m going to focus on how branding photography can help you attract your ideal clients. I’ll share more about my 50 over 50 Campaign another time.

portrait of Gaelle Glass photographing clients for branding portraits
Hi, I'm Gaelle! These are some behind the scenes of me at work!

Branding Photography

Branding photography is vital with today’s fast-paced social media and marketing campaigns. The way we present ourselves in our business can either attract or deter someone from wanting to work with us.

For the small business owners of the world, your audience wants to connect with you. They want to see your personality come through. They want to be invested in the person they’re buying from before they ever hand over their credit card to make an investment.

I love helping and empowering women to redefine their brand voice and positioning through portraiture. I have worked with coaches, authors, and other small women-owned businesses.

Branding Equals Connection

The best way to see the power of having updating branding portraits is to try it for yourself. If you have updated portraits and post them to your social media feed, you’ll be surprised at how many people will interact. Why? Because humans crave connection. Now more than ever.

Sure, clients love to see the products or services you offer. But they also want to build a connection with the person they’re buying from. This is why it’s so important to have branding photography that includes a variety of images. Images of your face and images of you actually working in your business.

We’re social creatures by nature. Feeling connected through the internet is one of the strongest forms of connection we’ve had since the pandemic hit. Give your clients what they want, and you’ll end up with dream clients wanting to work with you!

women owned business owners having branding photography created
This is always a great way to show clients what it might be like to work with you.

brand photography of a woman in denver colorado
We can create so many looks in your branding photography session.

Branding Packages

I offer three levels of branding packages, to meet you where you are in your business journey. You can read all about the packages I offer by clicking here.

For the business owner that wants refreshed branding photos continually, I have created a limited subscription branding package. I only offer this to 10 clients per year, because it’s very hands-on. If you choose the subscription branding package, we have sessions quarterly or monthly, depending on your package and needs.

This package is a year-round membership. It takes the stress off your shoulders, wondering if you’re still being relevant in your branding, by providing fresh visual content all year long.

Branding Session Details

You’re in good hands from beginning to end when we work together. I take great pride in my client experience, which is why I guide you through every step. From the first discovery call to the final product, you’re my priority. I want to learn as much as I can about you as a person and as a business owner.

Regardless of which package you choose for your branding, I always start by having a 15-minute discovery call to see if we’re a good fit to work with each other. If we are, we set up a secondary meeting to plan your session in detail.

During the planning session, we discuss the goals and messaging you want to convey with your branding photos. We talk about hair and makeup, location, styling, and the overall mood you want to achieve. I can help you with wardrobe selection during this meeting as well.

On the day of your session, you’ll start out with my hair and makeup artists. This is included in every branding session. I find that it provides an extra boost in confidence and it really shows in the final images.

hair and makeup being applied before photoshoot
Having a professional hair and makeup team gives such a confidence boost!

women in branding portraits smiling at camera
She was beautiful before, but her confidence really shows in these final portraits!

During your photo shoot, we spend anywhere from 2-3 hours together creating your portraits. I have training and years of experience posing for specific body types, so I will always pose you in a way that is most flattering.

I have created branding portraits for my clients in their offices alone, in their offices with patients or clients, outdoors, and occasionally in a studio that I rent with a lot of natural light. The options for location are endless, which provides a lot of variety in your final portraits.

A week after your session, your final images will be ready for review! I call this your image reveal. You can sit in the comfort of your home and have your reveal over Zoom, or we can have your reveal in person. During your reveal, I will guide you on how and where to use your new branding images.

After your reveal, I will deliver your digital images with a free guide on how to optimize your photos for your website and social platforms. This guide also has some helpful tips to increase your SEO ranking as well.

woman smiling before hair and makeup for branding portraits
From beginning to end, we had a great time creating her portraits!

Ready to book your branding session and attract your ideal client?

If you’d like to have a free consultation to see if we’re a good fit to work together on your business branding, click here and fill out the information form at the bottom of the page.

Once I receive your information, I will reach back out and set up a discovery call.

If we’re not friends on social media yet, you can find me on Facebook here and I’m on Instagram here. I would love to connect!

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