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10 Things your dog should never eat. Gaelle Pet Photography Denver

I know they are so cute when begging for food and you just want to make them happy!

While the occasional piece of carrot is ok for most dogs, there are a handful of human food that not only can make your furry friend sick but can also be deadly.

Before giving your dog something else than dog food or treat, check with your veterinary first. But never feed them those:

1/ Chocolate: while milk and white chocolate are bad, dark and unsweetened chocolate are worse. If your dog eats any kind, he might experience diarrhea and vomiting, but a large amount can cause seizures and possibly death.

2/Ice cream: ice cream contains way too much sugar for those pups! You can now find a lot of dog-friendly ice cream that I am sure taste yummy. I buy frozen yogurt for my dog and she loves it!

3/Grapes and raisins: even a few of those can cause kidney failure. I have learned about grapes not too long ago and was very surprised!

4/Onions and garlic: like leeks and chives, they're poisonous (raw or cooked), but garlic is 5 times more toxic. Symptoms can be delayed so it's better to watch your pup for a few days.

5/Macadamia and nuts: peanuts and peanut butter are safe, but macadamias are a big no-no. Ingesting even a few nuts can cause vomitinng, lethargy, increased body temperatures and weakness in the legs.

6/Coffee and tea: caffeine in any form can be fatal. It includes coffee beans, soda and energy drinks.

7/Avocado: contains persin, a toxin, and eating too much can cause vomiting or diarrhea.

8/Peaches and plum: while most fruits are safe for dogs, peaches and plums are a problem because of their seeds, which contain cyanide.

9/Alcohol: if your dog ingest alcohol it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, breathing problem and can even be fatal. It's even worse with small breeds.

10/Fat trimming: one bite should be fine, but fat timed off the bone can cause digestion problems and inflammation of the pancreas. Bones are really dangerous as they can splinter and block or cut the digestive system.

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